Brulin® Formula 815 GD Detergent/Degreaser - 55 Gal.

Item # BRU301007-55

  • An immersion/ultrasonic detergent that is safe for use with ferrous, aluminum, and most soft metals and plastics. Free rinsing with no residue.
  • Biodegradable with no chelants for easy disposal
  • Contains no hazardous material
55 Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #301007-55
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Due to its free rinsing, this makes it ideal for cleaning sensitive metals, plastics, elastomers and electronics. Quickly splits most oils out of solution slowly for longer tank life without parts contamination, and contains an in-process rust preventative. It can be filtered, hot or cold, down to a 0.5 micron filter for longer tank life and works well with an oil skimmer or coalexcer for cleaner parts. Meets aerospace and military specifications. Provides exceptional ultrasonic cleaning at all temperatures and effective cleaning in all types of immersion tanks. Excellent degreaser that can be used in immersion, ultrasonic, stem cleaning, and pressure spray applications.